Geospatial Data

The Map & Data Library has an extensive collection of geospatial data covering all areas of the world, with a particular strength in Canadian data. Data includes transportation networks, census boundaries, property data, geophysical data, and more!

Finding Geospatial Data

There are several search tools available:

  • The Geospatial Data Inventory - this is the Map & Data Library's catalogue of geospatial data. You can also choose to include scanned maps (out of copyright), open data, and some paper maps (in copyright, not scanned) in your search.
  • Scholars GeoPortal  Interactive map search of Map & Data Library geospatial data collections. Some datasets can be previewed on the map and downloaded by custom geographic area.
  • Open Data Catalogue - the Map & Data Library's catalogue of open data from government and other sources. These resources are not restricted to University of Toronto students, staff & faculty.

Geospatial Data Consortia