Qualitative Analysis Software


NVivo software is designed to help researchers organize, code, and analyze qualitative and mixed methods research data. NVivo, versions 12 and 14, is under site license at the University of Toronto and is available to current faculty, staff, and students at no cost. 

How To Get NVivo: Please use your UTORid to access this request form.

Current Versions Available: 

  • NVivo 14
  • NVivo 12 Plus

Current license period: October 16, 2023 – May 25, 2024. This is a term license agreement and the license key will change every year.

NOTE: This shorter licensing period is a one-time occurrence. Future licenses will be renewed in May and will be one year in length.

Operating Systems Supported: Windows, Mac

Please note: we are updating our tutorials to accommodate NVivo 14. Functionality is largely the same as NVivo 12; please see the tutorials below and feel free to email us at mdl@library.utoronto.ca if you run into difficulties.

New to NVivo? Check out these installation instructions and come to a live workshop (or watch a prior workshop recording). Or check out our one-stop guide to getting started with NVivo 12.

Have NVivo 12, but need to update your key: If you already have NVivo 12 installed, on Windows go to File -> Help -> Manage License -> Replace License Key and then copy and paste in the new license key. On Mac, it is slightly different, go to NVivo 12 -> Licensing -> Replace License.

Wondering about alternatives? Check out this guide to other qualitative data analysis software options.