GIS software

Esri Software

The University of Toronto has a site license for Esri products, including the ArcGIS suite and CityEngine. Students, faculty, and staff are eligible to install the software on their personal Windows machines. The Advanced version of ArcGIS Desktop is installed on the eight computers in the Map & Data Library reference area, on all 20 computers in the adjoining lab, and on 40 machines in the lab on the 4th floor of Robarts Library. It is also available in select departmental labs on campus.


All of the workstations in the Map & Data Library reference area and lab are loaded with QGIS, a free, open-source GIS program. It will run on Windows, Mac, and Linux-based machines, and the latest release can be downloaded here.

File Manipulation Engine (FME)

We are fortunate to have access to FME, a powerful software suite for geospatial data transformation and processing, kindly donated by Safe Software for use on campus. All GIS workstations in the Map & Data Library reference area have FME loaded.

Global Mapper

Global Mapper, a tool for the rapid visualization, analysis, and conversion of geospatial data, is available on all eight workstations in the Map & Data Library reference area.

Where can I find computers with GIS software?

Here you can find a complete list of libraries with GIS software on the St. George Campus.