Numeric data

The Map & Data Library's collection of numeric data is especially strong in Canadian datasets, but also contains international coverage on a range of topics. You can search for data right from our homepage, or you can limit your search specifically to statistics or microdata.

What are statistics? 

  • Ready-to-use numeric facts
  • Tables of counts, totals, means/averages, percentages etc
  • Use when you need numbers to support an argument

Search Canadian statistics in CANSIM (primary Canadian social science stats portal)
Search additional statistics at MDL
Also have a look at our census pages for more Canadian statistics

What is microdata?

  • Tables of individual-level data (one record per person, household, etc)
  • Requires analysis in statistical software in order to generate statistics
  • Use when you need to generate your own tables or run statistical tests

Search microdata in <odesi> (primary Canadian microdata portal)
Search additional microdata at MDL