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What is microdata?
Microdata, or individual-level data, contains a dataset record for each unit in the study. Depending on the study, the unit of analysis may be the person, household, family, business, etc. Microdata files can be used to answer research questions involving statistical analysis.

Finding microdata

  • Check out our Microdata guide (sidebar menu) for Canadian and international microdata sources
  • Key Canadian microdata collections are found in the odesi data portal. We recommend starting here first for Canadian data!
  • Use the search options below to identify additional microdata files held in the Map & Data Library's collection or publicly available online

American Hospital Association (AHA)

1998 Sep 22nd

American Hospital Association (AHA)

1998 Mar 31st

American Hospital Association (AHA)

2001 Dec 19th

York University. Institute for Social Research

University of Alberta. Department of Sociology. Population Research Laboratory

Institute for Social Research

Arab Barometer

Sniderman, Paul M., Joseph F. Fletcher, Peter H. Russell, & Philip E. Tetlock

1987 Dec

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Gallup Canada Ltd.

Raymond Breton, Paul Reed, Norbert Hartmann, and Jos Lennards

1997 Aug 11th

Université d'Ottawa


Health Canada

2000 Nov 15th

India. Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner

2005 Aug

University of Chicago. Booth School of Business. Center for Research in Security Prices

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Survey Research Center

2006 Apr

S&P Capital IQ

Statistics Canada. Special Surveys Division

1985 Jan

Voter News Service (VNS)


National Election Pool

2005 Feb 8th

Voter News Service (VNS)


National Election Pool

2005 Feb 8th

Michelson, William M., Department of Sociology, University of Toronto

Johnston, Richard. Department of Political Science. University of British Columbia

2003 Feb 12th

European Commission

European Social Survey European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ESS ERIC)

European Values project

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Dansk Data Arkiv




Statistics Canada. General Social Surveys Division


National Opinion Research Center (NORC)

Wunch Lab (Department of Physics, University of Toronto)


George H. Gallup International Institute

Central Statistics Office (Industrial Statistics Wing), Ministry of Statistics and PI, Government of India.