Canadian Social Fabric Study, 1997

The survey included questions regarding the conception of the 'good society', requirements of membership in the 'good society', required individual qualities and principles of behaviour, entitlements, threats to the 'good society', experiential variables, consequence variables, and respondent's frame of reference for society. Questions on Canadian election vote intentions, federal and provincial. Classification variables include: labour force activity, religion, education, marital status, place of birth, ethnicity, dwelling tenure, mobility, children in the household, income, and languages.

Series title
Focus Canada
Data creator

Raymond Breton, Paul Reed, Norbert Hartmann, and Jos Lennards

Date of creation
1997 Aug 11th
Raymond Breton, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto
University of Toronto Libraries. Map & Data Library
Date of distribution
2002 May 6th
Geographic coverage

Canada, provinces


Stratified quota sample


Environics Research

Date of collection
1997 Mar 11th to 1997 Mar 31st
Mode of data collecton

Face-to-face interviews

Canadian population aged 18 or over with the exception of those living in the Yukon or Northwest Territories, or in institutions (armed forces barracks, hospitals, prisons).
Access status
Access conditions and restrictions

University of Toronto academic community only