Economic Research Forum (ERF) Data Calalogue

The Economic Research Forum (ERF) is a regional network dedicated to promoting high quality economic research to contribute to sustainable development in the Arab countries, Iran and Turkey. The Open Access Microdata Initiative (OAMDI) is a dynamic and unique project led by ERF, providing researchers with free access to several types of micro data.

OAMDI serves as the sole archive of a variety of micro data for countries of the ERF region, among which some are already cleaned and harmonized by ERF to ensure comparability across countries and over time. This online automated data portal is set up to encourage responsible use of those data sets while respecting the ERF’s and National Statistical Agencies (NSAs) confidentiality and copyrights.

OAMDI was first launched in April 2013 to make micro data available to the data users, covering 17 Harmonized Household Income and Expenditure Surveys from Egypt, Palestine and Jordan, in addition to 4 Labor Market Panel Surveys from Egypt and Jordan, and 7 data sets on Micro and Small Enterprises from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and Morocco.

Economic Research Forum
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Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Sudan, Tunisia, and Turkey

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Openly available data. Requires registration before downloading.