Health of the planet survey

The Health of the Planet (HOP) survey was coordinated by the George H. Gallup International Institute and conducted by members of the worldwide network of Gallup affiliates. The HOP survey included a wide range of questions dealing with perceptions of the seriousness of environmental problems and support for environmental protection. 

Data creator

George H. Gallup International Institute

Date of distribution
2010 Jan 29th
Geographic coverage

USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Portugal


Nationally, representative samples were used in all nations but India, where rural areas and regions experiencing terrorism were underrepresented (and thus caution must be used in generalizing the results to the nation as a whole). Sample sizes ranged from a low of 770 in Finland to nearly 5,000 in India, and most were within the 1,000 to 1,500 range. The samples, therefore, yielded results that should have margins of error of approximately 3 percent of the entire national populations.

Date of collection
1992 Jan to 1992 Mar
Mode of data collecton

The surveys were conducted via face-to-face, in-home interviews, thus minimizing problems of illiteracy, and were all completed during the first quarter of 1992. 

Unit of observation
Extent of file

1 data file (6,923 logical records), SPSS syntax, Stata file, & accompanying documentation 


Note: this subsample contains only 6 of the full 11 countries that participated in the survey.


Dunlap, Riley E., Gallup, George H., Jr. and Alec M. Gallup "Of global concern: results of the Health of the Planet Survey." Environment 35(9): 7-15,33-39, November 1, 1993