Employed mothers study [Toronto], 1979-1980

This research was designed to assess, from the level of the individual family, the daily conditions and experiences of employed and single mothers. The data were also collected to assess the implications of these findings for children and for policies and practices relating to employment, families, and women.

Alternative title
Working mothers and stress, 1980
Data creator

Michelson, William M., Department of Sociology, University of Toronto

Harvard University. Henry A. Murray Research Center
Date of distribution
Geographic coverage

Metropolitan Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Multi-stage stratified sample

Date of collection
1979 to 1980
Mode of data collecton


Extent of file

4 data files (number of logical records varies) & accompanying documentation


Michelson, Wm M. Spatial and temporal dimensions of child care. Signs: journal of women in culture and society 5(3), 1980.

Michelson, Wm M. The logistics of maternal employment: implications for women and their families. Final report to the Ministry of National Health and Welfare on the Child Care under Constraint project conducted under the auspices of the Child in the City program. Toronto, Ont.: University of Toronto, 1983 (Child in the City report no. 18)

Michelson, Wm M. From sun to sun: daily oblications and community structure in the lives of employed women and their families. Totowa, NJ: Rowman and Allanheld, 1985


Employed mothers study [Toronto], 1979-1980: [subfile title] [computer file]. Principal investigator, William M. Michelson. March 2003 ed. Toronto, Ont: University of Toronto, Department of Sociology, Wm M. Michelson [producer]; Harvard University. Henry A. Murray Research Center [distributor], 2007

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Access conditions and restrictions

Restricted to University of Toronto faculty, students, and staff. Outside users should apply to Henry A. Murray Research Archive, Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University (MRC log #0638) for access to data.