1971 Census: Statistical tables (aggregate data)

Profile tables

Profile files contain the number of responses (i.e. univariate frequencies) to each question on the two census questionnaires, by small levels of geography.

User Summary Tapes (Basic Summary Tabulations)

These files contain approximately 1,000 cross-tabulations of two or more variables (i.e. multivariate distributions), at small levels of geography: enumeration area (EA), census tract (CT), census agglomeration (CA) and municipality.

Please consult the full listing of user summary tapes.

More tables in print

The printed tables include a range of geographic levels. Consult the publication list for titles and then search the Internet Archive to find the publications.

  • Canada, provinces, territories: 92-713 to 93-773; 94-701 to 97-770
  • Census divisions (counties): 92-713 to 93-773; 94-701 to 97-770
  • Census metropolitan areas, census agglomerations, municipalities: 92-713 to 93-773; 94-701 to 97-770