1871 Census of Canada

General documentation

Data files

  • Microdata file created by the Canadian Historical Mobility Project, available in odesi. This is a stratified sample of households from the census, extracted from the 1871 nominal census on microfilm.
  • The Central Ontario Historical Census Linkage Study, 1861-1871. Produced by Gordon Darroch & Michael Ornstein, Sociology, York University. Available via SDA.
  • Aggregated tables available in ODESI (343 files in total, covering the period 1665-1871, Beyond 20/20 & CSV formats). Transcribed from Censuses of Canada. Volume IV. 1665-1871.
  • Searchable database of census returns available on the Library and Archives Canada website (only scanned images can be downloaded)

Geospatial data

  • Census Districts and Subdistricts geospatial files are available openly on Scholars Geoportal

Published statistics