Logging into Digital Scholar Lab through the Catalog

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This short guide provides instructions on how to log into the Gale Digital Scholar Lab via the University of Toronto institutional access.

  1. To access the DSL, go to https://uoft.me/gale. You can also access the DSL through our U of T institutional connection, go to the library catalogue. The default is to search Map and Data's website. Click on the Library Search tab. Type “Digital Scholar Lab” in the search box, and click the search button.

    Library search highlighted on the MDL webpage.

    DSL should be the first result, under Other. Click it.

    Digital Scholar lab search result highlighted.

  2. Then on DSL page, click Electronic Source under View Online.

    Digital Scholar Lab page, with Electronic Resource highlighted.

  3. The website will first prompt you for your University of Toronto login.
    Connect to this resource with your UTORid
    Enter your UTORid.
    UTORid login page

  4. You will arrive at the DSL homepage, but you will need to log in before you can do anything. Currently, this service can only authenticate Google accounts. DSL doesn't use your Google account for authentication, but solely to track session information, so If you have any reservations about using your personal Gmail account, feel free to make a new account just for DSL. Gale’s privacy policy states:

    When logging in to the Gale Digital Scholar Lab App using either Google or Microsoft, the App accesses the user’s Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive through an anonymous access token that is created when users first log in. This anonymous token is generated in order to connect users to the content and analysis they create in the Digital Scholar Lab. The App does not collect, read, access, or store any of the data from a user’s Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive account(s), nor does it access any open documents. In addition, the App does not access or share personal information as part of this process.

    You can also email privacy@cengage.com for more details.

    If this is acceptable to you, click on Log In / Create Account,
    DSL log in/create account button

    choose Google, and then log in with a Google account.
    Use google account log in to DSL

  5. When you return to the Digital Scholar Lab homepage, you should notice your name in the top-right corner, under Signed in. The central bar has changed from a login prompt to a search bar. You're in!
    DSL dashboard with user name displayed

  6. You're in!
    Start building a collection
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