Comparative Welfare States Dataset, 2014 ed.

The data contained in this data set were collected by a project entitled "Comparative Welfare States in the 21st Century" directed by David Brady, Evelyne Huber, and John D. Stephens. The project was supported in 2011-13 by grants from the National Science Foundation ("Collaborative Research: Comparative Welfare States: A Public Use Archival Dataset,” SES 1059959 and 1061007). Additional support was provided by the Morehead Alumni Distinguished Professorship and the Margaret and Paul A. Johnston Professorships (funding the Gerhard E. Lenski, Jr. Distinguished Professorship) in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Some further support was provided by Duke University and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. An earlier version of this dataset was assembled by Evelyne Huber, Charles Ragin, and John Stephens in the 1990s. That project was supported in 1990-92 by a grant from the National Science Foundation (Grant # SES 9108716).  

Major categories include: wage and salary data, social spending, revenue and welfare state institutions data, labour force and labour institutions data, demographic data, macroeconomic data (Penn world tables, mark 6.1), political variables.

Data creator
Evelyne Huber, Charles Ragin, & John D. Stevens.
Date of creation
Luxembourg: LIS Data Center
Date of distribution
2016 Jan 11th
Geographic coverage

International: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, West Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

Time period
Mode of data collection

Extracted from varied sources. See codebook.

Extent of file
1 data files (Excel format), Stata file, & accompanying documentation (PDF file)

Citation: In any work using data from this data set, please cite both the data set and, where appropriate, the original source. In most cases, the original source can simply be cited as OECD or ILO. In others, for example the union and industrial relations data from the Visser dataset, a full citation should be included. Please cite this data set as David Brady, Evelyne Huber, and John D. Stephens, Comparative Welfare States Data Set, University of North Carolina and WZB Berlin Social Science Center, 2014. It is advisable to cite the date on which you download the data.

Access status
Access conditions and restrictions

Open (see restrictions in Notes). Downloaded from the Cross-National Data Center in Luxembourg: