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Elections in western Europe since 1815: electoral results by constituencies.

The collection of electoral results at the level of single constituencies for 18 Western European countries developed jointly with the comparative research on the formation processes of national electorates and party systems in Europe carried out in the framework of a Ph.D. dissertation written at the European University Institute of Florence (see Chapter 3 of the handbook in Part I 'Elections in Comparison').

Comparative Welfare States Dataset, 2014 ed.

The data contained in this data set were collected by a project entitled "Comparative Welfare States in the 21st Century" directed by David Brady, Evelyne Huber, and John D. Stephens. The project was supported in 2011-13 by grants from the National Science Foundation ("Collaborative Research: Comparative Welfare States: A Public Use Archival Dataset,” SES 1059959 and 1061007). Additional support was provided by the Morehead Alumni Distinguished Professorship and the Margaret and Paul A. Johnston Professorships (funding the Gerhard E. Lenski, Jr.


Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union situated in Luxembourg. Its task is to provide the European Union with statistics at European level that enable comparisons between countries and regions. The database maintained by eurostat contains high quality macroeconomic and social statistics data covering not only European Union (EU) Member states but also many of the central European countries, Japan, the United States and the main economic partners of the EU.