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Firm-level risk data

This website aggregates firm-level measures of exposure, risk, and sentiment constructed using textual analysis of quarterly earnings conference calls held by more than 11,000 listed firms in 81 countries.

Data compiled by: Tarek A. Hassan (Boston University), Stephan Hollander (Tilburg University), Laurence van Lent (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management), Ahmed Tahoun (London Business School), Markus Schwedeler (Boston University).

OpenSky Network databases

The OpenSky Network is a non-profit association based in Switzerland. It aims at improving the security, reliability and efficiency of the air space usage by providing open access of real-world air traffic control data to the public. The OpenSky Network consists of a multitude of sensors connected to the Internet by volunteers, industrial supporters, and academic/governmental organizations. All collected raw data is archived in a large historical database.


Online portal for statistics and market research data. Compiles data from government, business and research institutions on a wide range of topics. U of T institutional license provides access to data downloads and information about data sources and citations.