2016 Census: Geospatial data and maps

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Geospatial data

You can download 2016 census boundary files from Scholars GeoPortal or from the Statistics Canada website.

Scholars GeoPortal:

Statistics Canada website:

Which kind of boundary file do I need? Cartographic boundary files portray the major land mass of Canada and its coastal islands (i.e. the boundaries hug the coastlines). Digital boundary files portray the full extent of the geographic areas, including the coastal water area.


All Statistics Canada digital maps for 2016 are available on the Statistics Canada website.

Dissemination Area Reference Maps will not be produced for the 2016 Census.

Geographic reference products


GeoSuite is a web-based tool for data retrieval, query, and tabular output. GeoSuite allows users to explore the links between all standard levels of geography and to determine geographic codes, names, and population and dwelling counts.

Geographic Attribute File

The Geographic Attribute File contains geographic data at the dissemination block level. The file includes population and dwelling counts, land area, geographic codes, names, unique identifiers and , where applicable, types. Download the file from the Statistics Canada website.

Correspondence files

The correspondence files contain unique identifiers for the current census geographic area and the corresponding unique identifier for the previous census geographic area. In addition, a relationship flag is included which indicates the degree of correspondence between the geographic areas, facilitating the comparison between census years.

Land Area File

  • FSA land area file. Contains Forward Sortation Area (FSA) codes and size in square km. Derived from the FSA cartographic boundary file by G. Romme, 2018/04/12
  • Dissemination areas (DA) and land area, 2011-2016

Postal Code Files

See the Postal Code Conversion File section of our website.

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