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2011 Census: Geospatial data and maps

Documentation - geography products

Geospatial data

You can download 2011 census boundary files from Scholars GeoPortal or from the Statistics Canada website.

Scholars GeoPortal:

Statistics Canada website:

Which kind of boundary file do I need? Cartographic boundary files portray the major land mass of Canada and its coastal islands (i.e. the boundaries hug the coastlines). Digital boundary files portray the full extent of the geographic areas, including the coastal water area.


All Statistics Canada digital maps for 2011 are avaialble on the Statistics Canada website.

Geographic reference products


  • GeoSuite is a software tool for data retrieval, query, and tabular output. GeoSuite allows users to explore the links between all standard levels of geography and to determine geographic codes, names, and population and dwelling counts. GeoSuite includes a dissemination area (DA) reference map listing that facilitates the identification of appropriate DA reference maps.

Correspondence Files

  • Census tracts (CT), 2006-2011. Provides a correlation table between 2006 census tracts and those delineated for 2011. 
  • Dissemination area (DA)/Dissemination block (DB), 2001-2006. Provides a correlation table between 2001 census DAs and DBs and those delineated for 2006, including a flag indicating whether each area is wholy or partially contained in the 2006 area. 
  • Dissemination area (DA) and Land Area, 2006-2011. Describes the percentage of the 2011 DA's land area within the boundaries of the 2006 DA.

Geographic Attribute File

  • The Geographic Attribute File contains geographic data at the dissemination block level. The file includes population and dwelling counts, land area, geographic codes, names, unique identifiers and , where applicable, types. 

Additional products

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