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2001 Census: Statistical tables (aggregate data)

The following series of tables were produced for the 2001 census:

Population and dwelling counts

The Census 2001 Population and Dwelling Counts (PDC) tables show the distribution of population and dwellings in Canada by various geographic areas, from provinces and territories down to municipalities. Available in the odesi data portal. 

Census profiles

The Census 2001 Profile Series presents statistical overviews of regions, presenting most census variables for the following levels of geography: Canada, Provinces, Territories, Census Divisions, Census Subdivisions, Census Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomerations, Census Tracts and Dissemination Areas. This data is available to U of T users through the CHASS Census Analyzer. 2001 census profiles are also archived on the Statistics Canada website.

Topic-based tabulations

The topic-based tabulations are categorized into 3 data products: Canadian Overview Tables (COT): A Profile of the Canadian Population, Where We Live Basic Cross-Tabulations (BCT), and Special Interest Tables (SIT). The Topic-based Tabulations replace the former series The Nation, Dimensions and Basic Summary Tables. These tables are available in the odesi data portal. Map & Data Library also holds backups on CD-ROM: #269, #270, #271, #272. 

Custom Tabulations

These tables were purchased by the Map & Data Library to address data needs among the U of T community. These tables were then made available to the public, per the Statistics Canada open license agreement