How to Access Constellate

This tutorial walks you through accessing Constellate using the University of Toronto's institutional privileges. Please see our general Constellate page for more information and see our tutorial on creating a dataset once you have logged in.

  1. If you are off-campus, connect via VPN so that Constellate recognizes that you are associated with the University of Toronto. For more info on connecting via VPN, please see the following: UTORvpn. 
  2. Go to 
  3. Click on Log in at the top right. 


  4. If you already have a JSTOR account associated with UofT, use that to log in, otherwise click on Register (just below "Log in to JSTOR")
  5. If registering, fill in the form with your utoronto email address, and make sure that the Institution or University box says "University of Toronto, Toronto." This is going to pair your account with UofT for the trial access, along with being on a UofT network either on campus or via VPN for off campus. Click on register when you are done.


  6. After registering or logging in, you should be taken back to the Constellate homepage, with the top right corner now saying Access provided by the University of Toronto, and your username next to the word "dashboard" shown at the top right. Now you’re logged in.


  7. This process of pairing UofT with your JSTOR account should only need to happen once.