Data Visualization and Tableau: Information, Tutorials, and Workshops

Data Visualization is a broad term that basically involves anything that uses graphical or pictorial representations of data for exploration, sense-making, and communication.  Data visualization allows you and your audience to identify patterns, trends, exceptions, and relationships. It has broad applicability from conveying abstract concepts or ideas to highly complex scientific data.

This page will highlight the resources we offer on data visualization and using Tableau Desktop. Tableau Desktop is a commercial program used to create data visualizations and interactive dashboards.

Getting started

  • Please visit our tutorial on installing Tableau Desktop, a program available to current students, faculty, and researchers at the University of Toronto
  • Tableau Desktop is installed on all computers in the Map and Data Library Computer Lab (fifth floor of Robarts Library) and the Electronic Classroom on the fourth floor of Robarts Library
  • If you're a member of the public, you could consider using Tableau Public, which is a free alternative with a lot of similar functionality to Tableau Desktop

Learning resources

Online courses