Introduction to STATA (Princeton)


An overview of the guide provided by Princeton with a link to the original guide. If you want to learn how to use Stata, you might find this guide by German Rodriguez at Princeton University useful:

Here is an overview of the guide:

1. Introduction 

  1.1 A Quick Tour of Stata

  1.2 Using Stata Effectively

  1.3 Stata Resources


2. Data Management 

  2.1 Stata Files

  2.2 Reading Data Into Stata

  2.3 Data Documentation

  2.4 Creating New Variables

  2.5 Managing Stata Files


3. Stata Graphics 

  3.1 Scatterplots

  3.2 Line Plots

  3.3 Managing Plots


4. Programming Stata 

  4.1 Macros

  4.2 Looping

  4.3 Writing Commands