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36th general election 1997 [Canada]: official voting results data

Official election results for the 36th federal election in Canada. Data produced by Elections Canada contain poll-by-poll voting results for individual polling stations in each Electoral District (ED) in Canada. Details are provided about candidates, party, voting results, margin of win, electoral district, and more. Summary tables are also available.

Inter-corporate ownership

The Inter-corporate ownership CD is the most authoritative and comprehensive source of information available on corporate ownership; a unique directory of "who owns what" in Canada. It provides up-to-date information reflecting recent corporate takeovers and other substantial changes. 

Statistics Canada catalogue number 61-517-xcb

Industrial monitor

The Industrial Monitor (CD-ROM) is both an analytical tool and a compendium of industrial statistics. To facilitate analysis, for each industry it contains economic indicators that are grouped into tables that reflect the major elements of supply, demand and price/cost behaviour and the use of factors of production such as labour and capital. It provides a powerful tool for industrial analysis, forecasting and strategic planning.

Financial Performance Indicators for Canadian Business

This product (61-224-XCB) is an authoritative reference source of 15 key financial ratios by industry groupings compiled from the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS 2007). It is based on up-to-date, reliable and comprehensive data on Canadian businesses, derived from Statistics Canada databases of financial statements for three reference years. The product enables users to compare their enterprise's performance to that of their industry and to address issues such as profitability, efficiency and business risk.