Industrial monitor

The Industrial Monitor (CD-ROM) is both an analytical tool and a compendium of industrial statistics. To facilitate analysis, for each industry it contains economic indicators that are grouped into tables that reflect the major elements of supply, demand and price/cost behaviour and the use of factors of production such as labour and capital. It provides a powerful tool for industrial analysis, forecasting and strategic planning. The complete package (Monthly) CD-ROM contains statistical tables that are regrouped to reflect the major elements of supply, demand, price, labuor and capital for each industry. All data are tabulated for 5 full years with quarterly breakdowns for 8 quarters and monthly for the latest available 13 months. 

Publication ran from 1997-2001. Library has select editions on CD-ROM

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Statistics Canada
Statistics Canada. Data Liberation Initiative
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Original dissemination medium: CD-ROM

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CD number
111 (Nov 1998)
1090 (Sep 1997)
179 (Oct 1996)
1089 (Jul 1996)