KLEMS - SIC 1961-1997 & NAICS 1961-2003

The KLEMS industry productivity database includes multifactor productivity indexes, output, capital (K), labour (L), energy (E), materials (M) and services (S) inputs. KLEMS is an international intiative. KLEMS data has now been integrated into the following CANSIM tables, available on the Statistics Canada website:

  • 383-0021. Multifactor productivity, value-added, capital input and labour input in the aggregate business sector and mjor sub-sectors, by NAICS, annual
  • 383-0032. Multifactor productivity, gross output, value-added, capital, labour and intermediate inputs at a detailed industry level, by NAICS, annual

U of T Map & Data Library holds a historical copy of the Canadian KLEMS data on CD-ROM. A data agreement must be signed before accessing the CD-ROM.

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