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Aboriginal Peoples Survey, 1991: Community Profiles.

Statistical profiles of the Aboriginal communities that participated in the 1991 Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS). These profiles include 599 aboriginal communities (i.e. Indian reserves and settlements, and Inuit and Metis communities), with a minimum aboriginal identity population of 40 persons. Aboriginal identity population is defined as that portion of the population who identify with their aboriginal origins and/or are registered under the Indian Act.

Inter-war labour database, 1919-1944.

Integrates early data to give as full a picture as possible of the economic conditions faced by Canadian workers from 1919 to 1945. During the period in question, four censuses provided labour information; in addition, monthly surveys were conducted by the Department of Labour, which gathered employment information from large employers and unemployment statistics from trade unions. The data series run from the start of 1919 to the end of 1944. The first date represents the beginning of monthly unemployment data, and is the earliest reasonable data for back-casting the employment series.

Small area business and labour database (SABAL)

SABAL - Small Area Business and Labour Data, is a compendium of independent data sources brought together on one database by Statistics Canada. As a compendium,it is not a fully integrated system, therefore, dates and geographic areas covered varies between data sets selected. SABAL combines a wide variety of economic and social statistics, and provides coverage of approximately 140 urban areas and 72 economic regions, in addition to Canada, the Provinces and Territories. Some data are not available at all geographic levels. SABAL also includes metadata on each of these data sources.

35th general election, 1993 [Canada]: election results and report of the Chief Electoral Officer

Official election results for the 35th federal election in Canada. Variables include: Province - Header - record type; province name (Eng.); province name (FR.); Electoral District; province number; electoral district number; electoral district population; electoral district status; candidate number; candidate's name; candidate's party (Abbr.); district poll type; poll name; poll number; urban/rural flag; group name; poll status; poll number; number of votes; electors on list.

Financial flow accounts, quarterly estimates

The IEA measure aggregate economic activity through income generated from production and through final expenditure on production. This detail plus current transfers are broken down by institutional sector in the income and outlay account (current account) and capital finance account (capital account). These sector accounts are the link to the FFA (accumulation account), which show the transactions based changes in wealth, with emphasis on the financing of economic activity (financial account).