World integrated trade solution (WITS)

The World Bank — in collaboration with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and in consultation with organizations such as International Trade Center, United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) — developed the World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS). WITS provides multiple ways to access trade, tariff and non-tariff data. It has the following main sections.

  • TradeStats: Summary trade, tariff, non-tariffs and development indicators
  • Analytical Databases: Databases derived using official data sources
  • Global Preferential Trade Access Database (GPTAD): Search across different preferential trade agreements.
  • WITS Application: Generate your own trade statistics and indicators, using the underlying trade and tariff data. The application also provides tools to perform single and multi-market tariff cut simulations.
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