Small area and administrative data (SAAD)

Small Area and Administrative Data are derived from the annual taxfile provided by Revenue Canada. From the income tax forms submitted each year by Canadians, a wealth of economic and demographic information is available. Files include:
- Canadian Capital Gains (17C0012) 
- Canadian Investment Income (17C0008) 
- Canadian Investors (17C0007) 
- Canadian Savers (17C0009) 
- Canadian Taxfilers (17C0010) 
- Charitable Donors (17C0014) 
- Economic Dependency Profiles (17C0017) 
- Families (17C0016) 
- Labour Force Income Profiles (17C0018) 
- Migration Estimates (91C0025) 
- Neighbourhood Income and Demographics (13C0015) 
- RRSP Contribution Limits (Room) (17C0011) 
- RRSP Contributors (17C0006) 
- Seniors (89C0022) 

Data creator
Statistics Canada: Small Area and Administrative Data Division
Ottawa, Ont.: Statistics Canada. Data Liberation Initiative
Geographic coverage

Canada, provinces, census metropolitan areas (CMAs), census divisions (CD)

Time period
Mode of data collection

Derived from the annual taxfile provided by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.


More recent data can be found in CANSIM.

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