Public opinion microdata

Highlighted resource: ODESI

The ODESI Public Opinion Polls collection provides access to an extensive archive of Canadian public opinion data, including:

  • The Canadian Opinion Research Archive (housed at Queen's University), which tracks opinions from the 1970s to the present on such topics as Indigenous issues, healthcare, the environment, taxation, education, art and culture, satisfaction with government, and the most important problem facing Canadians.
  • Canadian Gallup Poll archive (housed at Carleton University), which tracks public opinion from 1945-2000.
  • Canadian Ipsos Reid Archive (housed at Wilfrid Laurier University), which tracks public opinion from the 1990s and 2000s
  • And more.

Additional sources of public opinion microdata

  • Gallup individual level data. U of T subscription to Gallup Inc's international microdata for the Gallup World Poll, the Gallup Poll Social Series, and more
  • Roper Center iPOLL. The Roper Center is one of the world's leading archives of social science data, specializing in public opinion surveys. Search iPOLL for public opinion research on a range of topics from the 1930s to the present. Access to Roper Center is available to University of Toronto students, staff and faculty only. Set up an account using your U of T email address to download data.
  • Ipsos Global @dvisor. Ipsos donated this microdata collection to U of T; the collection covers 2010-2016 polls.
  • Forum Research Data Archive. Forum donated this microdata collection to U of T; the collection covers 2014-2020 Canadian polls.
  • Pew Research Center. Describes itself as a "nonpartisan fact tank" that conducts public opinion research. Survey microdata is publicly available on their website, going back to 2000.
  • American National Election Studies (ANES). A collaboration of Stanford University and the University of Michigan, ANES produces high quality data from its own surveys on voting, public opinion, and political participation.
  • The Odum Institute. Houses the Louis Harris Data Center of publicly available opinion survey data, as well as other social survey data holdings.
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