Looking West, 2001-2006

The Looking West survey evaluates the feeling of alienation of Western Canadians. It probes people in regards to their feelings towards the federation and whether they understand tensions that rule the country. After better understanding feelings of exclusion, surveyors questioned respondents on the level of respect their province receives federally, in regards to changes brought to the democratic institutions which could make them feel more included and on the effects of the equalization program. The survey was administered to 2412 Canadians. The provinces included in this survey are BC, Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Variables cover the following topics: demographics, politics, and the Government-Equalitzation Program.

Series title
Looking West
Data creator

Berdahl, Loleen; Gibbins, Roger; Henry, Shawn; Mendelsohn, Matthew; Parkin, Andrew; Raney, Tracey; Roach, Robert

Calgary, AB: Canada West Foundation
Geographic coverage

Canada's four Western provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Time period

Random sample


Accord Research

Date of collection
2001 Jan to 2006
Mode of data collecton

Telephone interview

Unit of observation
Funding agency

Alberta International and Intergovernmental Affairs; Donner Canadian Foundation


Looking west 2001-2006 [computer file]. Calgary AB: Canada West Foundation and University of Calgary Research Unit for the Study of Civil Society (RUSCS) [producer]; Canada West Foundation [distributor], 2001

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Access conditions and restrictions

The Canada West Foundation grants researchers and students permissiong to use the Looking West datasets for personal, research or classroom use without fee and without formal request, provided that it is properly identified as the "Canada West Foundation Looking West <year> Survey." This dataset may not be used for profit or commercial advantage.