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Financial flow accounts, quarterly estimates

The IEA measure aggregate economic activity through income generated from production and through final expenditure on production. This detail plus current transfers are broken down by institutional sector in the income and outlay account (current account) and capital finance account (capital account). These sector accounts are the link to the FFA (accumulation account), which show the transactions based changes in wealth, with emphasis on the financing of economic activity (financial account).

Series title: 
Provincial Economic Accounts
Data creator: 
Statistics Canada. Industry Accounts Division
Date of creation: 
2008 Feb 27th
Statistics Canada. Data Liberation Initiative
Date of distribution: 
2008 Mar 14th
Geographic coverage: 

Canada, Provinces

Time period: 
Date of collection: 
1961 to 2007 Dec 31st
Mode of data collection: 


  • Superceded by CANSIM and Financial Flow Accounts: Data Tables (STC 13-020-X)
  • all series are also available in CANSIM
  • references to CANSIM II series are given in the current files
  • references to CANSIM I series are given in the historical files
  • For information on the full provincial series of tables, see Catalogue no. 13-018-XWE : Provincial and Territorial Economic Accounts: Data Tables
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