Census Mapper/Poverty in America

What is CensusMapper? CensusMapper is a geographic information system designed to make maps and tabular reports of historic U.S. Census and related data. Unlike GIS software, CensusMapper has pre-loaded quality assured/quality controlled data available for immediate analysis and a pre-defined set of mapping and statistical tools to process it. No data acquisition and validation, GIS technicians, or graphic artists are necessary to produce publication quality results. Raw data are drawn primarily from the U.S. Census of Population and Housing, the Census of Agriculture, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the US Department of Commerce spanning over five decades from 1960 to 2003. Additional data are drawn from various public and private sources. Raw data inputs consist of counts that have been normalized by area or population and selected so that output variables have consistent or comparable definitions through time. Normalized variables calculated by the Bureau of the Census have been re-calculated from parallel tables of counts after geographic fitting to modern political boundaries.Geographic coverage includes all States, Counties and Census tracts within the United States. Historic data have been adjusted to match state, county, and tract boundaries as defined by the Bureau of the Census in 2000. CensusMapper includes easy to use query, classification, mapping, statistical, and reporting tools to produce publication quality graphic output and quality assured/quality controlled tabular data.

Amy K. Glasmeir
Temporal extent
1960 to 2003
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CD ROM [232]
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