ArcGIS PRO installation instructions for students

  1. After filling out the ArcGIS license request form, make sure you select to request "ArcGIS Pro". You will receive an email from a Map & Data Library staff member with an iso file, which you will have to unpack it with software like 7-zip. This code will be used to activate your student edition of ArcGIS, and it will time out 365 days after installation. Attached to the email you received is a provisioning file for ArcGIS PRO along with a word document with installation instructions.

Logging in to ArcGIS Online


Please note that this tutorial is intended for U of T users who are using ArcGIS Online for the first time. If you established an Online account before the UTORid system was enabled, please continue to use that username and password; logging in with your UTORid is unnecessary.

This tutorial will take you through two ways of logging in to your ESRI ArcGIS Online account for the first time using your UTORid.