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Index of Consumer Confidence (ICC)

The Index of Consumer Confidence based on the Conference Board's survey of Canadian households measures consumers’ levels of optimism regarding current economic conditions.

The Index of Consumer Confidence survey is based on four attitudinal questions. Data is collected on each respondent's age, sex, marital status, and geographic location of residence. The four questions are:

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada: Statistics

The Strategic Analysis Directorate is the focal point of contact within Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) for demographic and socio-economic statistics on Aboriginal peoples and those living in the North (Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut). Through the provision of authoritative data and analytical advice, Strategic Analysis supports research, program and policy development as well as performance measurement activities. You can browse the statistics reports by date, title, or subject. Files are available in HTML or PDF format.

Physicians for a smoke-free Canada - resources

Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada compiles statistics from various surveys (Canadian Community Health Survey, Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey, Youth Smoking Survey), as well as original research, and produces reports, research papers, and fact sheets on topics like smoking rates, health and economic impact of smoking, tobacco industry, government and tobacco, second-hand smoke, tobacco growing and tobacco products.

A profile of youth justice in Canada

This report contains statistics on youth crime, types of offences, types of sentences received by the youths and trends. Most of the statistics used in the profile are provided at the national level only. It should be noted that trends at the provincial or territorial level are not uniform across Canada because, among other things, there are differences in criminal justice programs and priorities. Those wishing more detailed data at the provincial/territorial or municipal level should contact the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics.

First Nations profiles

The First Nation Profiles is a collection of information that describes individual First Nation communities across Canada. The profiles include general information on a First Nation along with more detailed information about its reserve(s), governance, federal funding, geography, registered population statistics and various Census statistics.