Specialty Visualization Areas

Table of Contents:

- Cartography and Digital Mapping
- Data Preparation
- Digital Humanities
- Infographics
     - Fonts
     - Colours
     - Accessibility
     - Evaluation 
- Impact
- Scientific Visualizations
- Social Media Data Visualization
- 3D Modelling/Printing/Virtual Reality


Cartography and Digital Mapping

Data Preparation

  • Visual Representation of SQL Joins by C.L. Moffatt (Code Project) 
    • Explains the terminology around merging/joining two datasets (e.g., inner join, outer join, left join, right join)

Digital Humanities



Scientific Visualizations

Social Media Data Visualization

3D Modelling/Printing/Virtual Reality

[See the MADLab Guide for details on accessing a 3D printer at Gerstein Library]