Human settlements statistical database, version 4

Alternative title
Data creator
UNHABITAT, Global Urban Observatory Section
UNHABITAT, Global Urban Observatory Section
Date of distribution
2010 Jun 10th
Statistics type
Geographic coverage


Extent of file
[n] data files (number of logical records varies) & accompanying documentation

Please contact MDL for access to this database.

  • Downloaded from the UN-Habitat website.
  • After downloading the two self-extracting files, system4a.exe and data99.exe, on a temporary directory, the application/data can be installed into a "HSDB4" directory.
  • Requirements: HSDB4 runs under DOS on an IBM-compatible 386 PC with at least 4MB of RAM and 8MB of free hard disk space (SVGA-monitor and mouse are recommended).
  • Run HSDB4 from its directory by entering HSDB4.bat.
  • HSDB4 needs FILES=95 and BUFFERS=30 in your CONFIG.SYS. Users of the MS-DOS SHARE program should set the file space parameter to be higher than the default 2048.

More recent human settlements statistics may also be found on the websites of the UN Statistics Division and UN-Habitat. 

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