Japan Census Data

Census Data of Japan

Official population and housing data for Japan. This census is provided at 3 administrative levels (Chome, City and Prefecture). Chome level includes 202,303 vector polygons. City level includes 3382 vector polygons with all tabular data aggregated from the Chome level. Prefecture level includes 48 vector polygons with all tabular data aggregated from the Chome level. At all levels attributes retain native-language names and unique identifier codes and 535 variables/fields. All variable names were translated from native language (Japanese). Field name prefixes, originally written with native language titles, were renamed to create unique names across the geodatabase (e.g. Original variable of “人口_総数_H27” was updated to D001 and given the alias “Population: Total [人口_総数_H27]”, the letter D was given as it relates to the Demographic theme table. D = Demographic, E = Economic, H = Housing, M = Migration and S = Social). All variables from the original data were reviewed for completeness and organized into their relevant themes of Demographic, Economic, Housing, Migration and Social. The geodatabase was built to hold these specific tables with all geographic names and codes represented as text fields and census data represented as doubles or long integers. Automated tools were run to apply aliases in the format “English translation field description[Native language field description]”. Vector data was analyzed for accuracy and compared with national boundaries.  municipality and prefecture level rows were incorporated into their respective municipality and prefecture tables. Source data only included Chome level tabular and vector data. we were able to aggregate the Chome level data into Municipality (City) as well as Prefecture level because of this some areas that dont have Chome but are considered a part of a Municipality or Prefecture appear in the City and Prefecture level geometry but not the Chome level.

This dataset provides population statistics for Japan, with correlating administrative boundaries in vector format, for use in GIS software.

Japan 1995 Census Download    Japan 2015 Census Download

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