UN Comtrade

The United Nations Comtrade database aggregates detailed global annual and monthly trade statistics by product and trading partner for use by governments, academia, research institutes, and enterprises.

China Data Insights

China Data Insights (CDI) is the newly improved English version of select content from China Statistical Yearbooks (CSYD). CDI is the largest and most continuously updated statistical yearbooks database in China with over 1,095 titles, 9,200 volumes, 1.4 million tables, and 13 million indica


Indiastat is a comprehensive source of socio-economic statistical data about India, compiled from national and state governments, non-governmental organizations, trade bodies and other sources.

Gallup Analytics

Gallup Analytics is a subscription-based platform that provides aggregated results from more than a decade of international public opinion data (over 160 countries and areas) and nearly a century of U.S. national data. Survey products include World Poll, U.S.


Online portal for statistics and market research data. Compiles data from government, business and research institutions on a wide range of topics. U of T institutional license provides access to data downloads and information about data sources and citations.


Borealis, the Canadian Dataverse Repository (formerly Dataverse), is a research data portal hosted by Scholars Portal on behalf of Ontario universities. Researchers can use Borealis to share their data, as well as discover and reuse the data produced by other researchers.