MDL special projects

The MDL team is passionate about improving access to data. Within U of T and with colleagues at other institutions, we are involved in a range of digitization projects that bring historical data out of print formats and make them usable for digital research. Our completed and ongoing projects include:

Projects websites

Data Downloads

“Historical Waste Disposal Site Inventory.”

“Historical Hydrography of Toronto.” Scholars Portal Dataverse.

“Lost Breweries of Toronto, 1800-1989.” Scholars Portal Dataverse.

“Lost Rivers -- Disappearing Rivers of Toronto.” Scholars Portal Dataverse.

“Lost Rivers of Toronto with Names.”

“Toronto Building Construction Dates (Pre-1901 - 2003).” Scholars Portal Dataverse.

“Toronto Parcel-Level Land Use Spatial Data (2019-2021).” Scholars Portal Dataverse.

“Toronto Historical Ward Boundaries (1834 - 1914).” Borealis.

“Napoleonic Wars Geospatial Files.” Borealis.

 “City of Toronto Historical Annexation Boundaries (1834 - 1967).”

“Don Valley Historical Mapping Project.” Scholars Portal Dataverse.

“Ontario County Maps Project - Land Occupants  Feature Layer.”

“Toronto Historical Streetcar Routes (1861 - 1961).”

“Colourized Historical Toronto Aerial Photographs.”