USSR population census, 1989

The CD-ROM edition presents the data in twelve subject areas, corresponding to each of the twelve original volumes in the printed (microfiche) edition. Each of the general subject areas is subdivided into a number of specific subjects, which in turn correspond to a unique table in the printed (microfiche) edition. Upon selecting a specific subject, users may query the data according to all appropriate variables (geographic unit, sex, urban/rural population type, age range, nationality, etc.). Not all tables (specific subjects) provide the opportunity to search according to any variable. For example, the table concerned with resident population (Table 1-3) with results presented at the ration-level does not allow for queries pertaining to nationality or social group type, since these variables were not part of the original structure of this table.

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1996 Sep 3rd
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Geographic coverage

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)

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1 data files (MSAccess (.mdb) format; number of logical records varies) & accompanying documentation

This program requires a 486 or higher processor, 8MB of memory, and a display that's capable of displaying at least 256 colors.

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