University of Toronto ArcGIS Online Data Retention Policy


The U of T ArcGIS Online instance, administered by the Map & Data Library, University of Toronto Libraries, is hosted by Esri and operates within defined storage limitations. To efficiently manage available storage space and maintain optimal performance, it is necessary to implement a data retention policy that includes the regular removal of content. 

Policy (effective Jan 1, 2024) 

ArcGIS Online is designed as a platform for active data sharing and collaboration rather than long-term preservation. Neither the University of Toronto nor Esri commits to hosting content indefinitely on ArcGIS Online. Content created by users may be subject to removal to accommodate ongoing operations. 

Users are encouraged to view ArcGIS Online as a collaborative and dynamic space for active projects. For long-term data preservation needs, the University of Toronto provides alternative options, the U of T data repository U of T Dataverse in Borealis. U of T Libraries can provide support for the long-term management of your research data: You may also contact the Map & Data Library for support moving content out of ArcGIS Online and into other platforms:  

The following policies apply: 

  1. All user accounts that have not been accessed in more than 12 months may be subject to deletion. Deletion removes the account and all associated content (datasets, maps, apps etc.) 
    • When possible, users will be given reasonable notice via email sent to their account email address and will have the opportunity to save copies of their content or migrate content to the public Esri ArcGIS Online instance where possible. 
    • Note: accounts accessed via UTORID do not automatically have email addresses associated with them, and we encourage you to access your profile and add an email address so that we can communicate with you. 
  2. The Map & Data Library may reach out to users who are hosting large files to discuss alternative hosting options.