Searching for maps and data


1. Getting Started

This guide is primarily designed to help users unfamiliar with CANSIM database find and download data.

a. What is CANSIM?

CANSIM is Statistics Canada’s main socioeconomic time series database. It contains most of the aggregate data collected by Statistics Canada on a regular basis such as data from the Consumer Price Index Survey, the Labour Force Survey, or the National Income and Expenditure accounts.

b. How to access CANSIM?

Introduction to SimplyMap 3.0 Canada

Accessing Simply Map

All U of T students, staff, and faculty have access to SimplyMap. SimplyMap is accessed through a web browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer). If you are off-campus, you need to login with your UTORid before you can use SimplyMap. In this case, you should start by accessing SimplyMap through the library’s website. Go to Type “simplymap” in the search box. In the search results, under “Databases”, click “SimplyMap Canada”: