ESRI Software Access


Who can access esri software?

Students, staff and faculty are eligible to access esri software.  The most commonly used application is ArcGIS for Desktop. Version 10.4.1 was released in September 2016. Earlier versions of ArcGIS for Desktop are also available, as are additional ESRI software upon request. Please contact us for assistance.

ArcGIS Online 

ArcGIS online is an online mapping and GIS tool. For access to an U of T instiutional ArcGIS account, please request access. (please specify ArcGIS Online in the form).

Esri software licenses for students:

An ArcGIS for Desktop 1-year student edition is available to all U of T students. Eligible students should request a license. Then consult the guide to accessing the ArcGIS student edition for assistance with authenticating the license code and installing the software. 

Esri Software licenses for faculty & staff: 

All faculty & staff at the University of Toronto are eligible to copies of ESRI software on personal and lab computers. Please submit a request in order to receive provisioning files. There are two types of licensing files, single use and concurrent use:

Single Use licenses

A single use license generally restricts use of a software product to one user/machine. A single use license must be dedicated for each computer that has use rights for the software, data, or documentation. A single use license is sometimes referred to as a "node-locked license," but single use is the preferred ESRI terminology.

Concurrent Use licenses

A concurrent use license allows users to gain access to the software from any computer on the network on which the software is installed. A license server manager administers a pool of licenses to be shared. The number of concurrent licenses determines the number users who can run the applications concurrently. If all licenses are being used, an additional user cannot run the application until one of the other users finishes using his/her license. When one user finishes using the license, another user can begin using it. A concurrent use license is not locked to a single computer and, as such, can float on a network. This is why you may still hear it referred to as a "floating license." From
If you wish to access ESRI software other than ArcGIS for Desktop, please contact the Map & Data Library directly at

System Requirements

Changing computers or reformatting your system?

You will need to deauthorize your license before reinstalling ArcGIS on another machine. Please read the instructions on this page.