Human fertility in Russia since the 19th century.

"In more than a decade of research on fertility in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, the Office of Population Research at Princeton University has assembled a large inventory of quantitative information. Some of the data from early years are handwritten; others exist only in computer printouts. Much of the material was not included in published results for one reason or another. For the convenience of other researchers interested in the population of Russia, selected primary data have been put in machine-readable form."

Data creator
Coale, Ansley J., Barbara A. Anderson & Erna Harm
Date of creation
Princeton, NJ: Princeton University. Computer Center. Social Science User Service.
Date of distribution
1990 Nov 23rd
Statistics type
Geographic coverage

Russia, Union of Societ Socialist Republics (USSR)

Time period
Mode of data collection

Derived from published sources. See individual data files for listings of sources.

Extent of file
19 data and documentation files (text format; number of logical records varies)
  • Users outside University of Toronto should request a copy of the data from Princeton University. Data and Statistical Services
  • Record layout for SE59 does not match data: column locations are incorrect, and field format specifications (eg decimals) are entirely lacking.
Access status
Access conditions and restrictions

UT/DLS does not redisseminate. Data is available from Princeton University Data & Statistical Services