How to search GeoGratis

The new GeoGratis is a portal provided by the Earth Science Sector (ESS) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). It combines the former GeoPub, Mirage and GeoGratis into a one-stop gateway to search, discover and download over 180,000 maps, data and publications. The original GeoGratis collection includes rasterdata, such as satellite images or scanned topographic maps, vector data, such as national-scale frameworks (grouped by theme), and a database of ground control points. The original GeoPub collection contains Geological Survey of Canada publications, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing articles, and ESS Business Plans / Annual Reviews. The original MIRAGE collection is a digital image library of Geological Survey of Canada maps. The GSC has published thousands of maps since the mid-1800's. More than 10,000 of these maps have been scanned and are available here.

The data will be useful whether you are a novice who needs a map for a presentation, an expert who wants to overlay a vector layer of digital data on a classified multiband image, with a digital elevation model as a backdrop, or a student who needs the latest document about the geology of a specific region.

This tutorial will show you how to conduct searches on the GeoGratis website, walk you through some basic steps, and teach you how to extract and download DEM files.

General information

Go to the GeoGratis homepage:

Screenshot of GeoGratis homepage.

A list of their most popular products is provided here. The following table contains a summary of these different products:

Product Type

Product Name

Brief Description

Vector Data

CanVec - Digital Topographic Vector Data

CanVec is a digital vector reference product produced by NRCan.

National Topographic Data Base (NTDB)

The NTDB is a collection of digital vector data sets, which is a legacy product that is no longer supported.

Index of National Topographic System of Canada

Index maps identify the topographic maps produced by NRCan that conform to the National Topographic System (NTS) of Canada.

Raster data

Toporama - Digital Topographic Raster Maps

Toporama is a topographic reference product produced by NRCan using CanVec data.

CanTopo - Digital Topographic Raster Maps

CanTopo is the new generation of topographic maps produced by NRCan.

CanMatrix – Print-ready

CanMatrix digital topographic raster print-ready maps were produced by scanning topographic maps.

CanMatrix – Georeferenced

CanMatrix digital topographic raster map data were produced by scanning existing printed topographic maps and georeferencing them.

Index Maps of National Topographic System of Canada

Index maps identify the topographic maps produced by NRCan that conform to the National Topographic System (NTS) of Canada.

Interactive Tools/Service

Data Extraction Tool

This tool allows the extraction and download of raster elevation and vector topographic data using a custom map extent.

Canada Base Map Transportation (CBM-T)

The CBM-T, developed by NRCan, is an online web map service (WMS) that provides the user with a continuous interactive view of topographic data that covers the entire Canadian landmass.

Map collection

Atlas of Canada Maps

The Atlas of Canada is composed of hundreds of maps about Canada’s environment, society, economy and history.

Besides the above mentioned products, CanImage is also a useful satellite image collection. CanImage is a raster image containing information from Landsat 7 orthoimages that have been resampled, and isbased on the National Topographic System (NTS) at the 1:50000 scale in the UTM projection. The product is distributed in files in GeoTIFF format. The resolution of this product is 15 metres.


  1. To proceed to search page, click on the large “GeoGratis Search” link.
    Screenshot of GeoGratis front page with Search link circled.
  2. To search, you can enter a geographic location, one or more subject keywords, and/or select the type of product desired. For the best search result, use all of the three criteria.