Statistics Canada Census Program Datasets Portal (1991-2011)

Statistics Canada Census Program Datasets Portal

"The Census Program Dissemination Project is pleased to announce the launch of the Census Program Datasets (CPD) portal which is now available.

The CPD portal has been designed to serve as a centralized repository of selected key standard data products which have already been released beginning with the 1991 Census through to the current 2011 Census and National Household Survey (NHS). The goal of the CPD portal is to streamline access to the majority of our core standard data products (i.e., tabulations, profiles). Rather than having to navigate separately through individual historical census web modules, the user can now efficiently access and sort products in one location with the help of various filters.
The following table presents a high-level overview of the standard data products for each census/NHS year that are currently available within the Census Program Dataset portal. Please note that the CPD portal is a ‘work in progress.’ We will continue to examine the feasibility of loading additional components of the historical products and services lines.
Output formats for products found within the portal include an HTML view, comprehensive Beyond 2020 (.IVT) file and comprehensive SDMX file (excluding 1991).
Users can access the Census Program Datasets portal from the link off of the 2011 Census, 2011 NHS and 2006 Census home pages. As well, the CPD portal will be promoted in the short-term within the 2011 Census and NHS 'news' sections of each web module. Once within the portal, filters are available within the left-hand side bar that allows movement between census/survey years and presents filtering options for: Subject (topic), Geography and Variable. Please note that the filter information/set-up presented for each census/survey year is based on how information was disseminated for that particular release cycle (e.g., subjects listed under 2001 Census represent the topics used for that cycle).
As well, within the 2001 and 2006 archived census web modules, users will now notice that for most products originally labelled ‘Contact Us’ (those originally deemed too large to serve up via the Internet) now have an HTML and IVT link for direct access (with the exception of some Place of work flow tables, still deemed too large)."