Drop-out phenomenon in Ontario secondary schools, 1987

A study which examined the causes, manifestations, and prevention of the student dropout problem in Ontario's secondary schools. The major part of the study consists of a telephone survey. The survey covered: a profile of the dropout, presents a demographic profile; ethnic and language data; perspectives on the dropout's family background; perspectives on the family's influence; and goals, aspirations, and value orientations. Additional interviews with teachers, parents, and employees focused on the dropout and the school system, including school subjects; academic and performance evaluations of dropouts and graduates; school history; grade levels; early identification; program divisions; and attitudes about the school system. Drop-outs were also interviewed on the issue of dropping out, looking at the year and grade of the dropout; the decision to leave school; reasons for leaving; teacher views; and the future after dropping out. The survey also examined the student who drops back into school after dropping out. Additional questions consider ways to keep potential dropouts in school and looks at dropouts' own suggestions for changing the system.

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Ontario. Ministry of Education

Toronto, ON: Goldfarb Consultants, Ltd. (Project #877019)
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Focus group sessions, province-wide telephone surveys

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Ontario. Ministry of Education


Karp, Ellen. The Drop-Out Phenomenon in Ontario Secondary Schools. A Report to the Ontario Study of the Relevance of Education and the Issue of Dropouts. Student Retention and Transition Series. Toronto, ON: MGS Publications Services, 1988 (ERIC #: ED298425)


Goldfarb Consultants, Ltd. Drop-out phenomenon in Ontario secondary schools, 1987 [computer file]. Toronto, ON: Goldfarb Consultants, Ltd. [producer and distributor], 1990

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